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I ate donuts from 5 donut shops in 5 hours – here are my quick takeaways

Five donut shops, five hours, three cities, and who knows how many calories — I’m calling it the The Charlotte Donut Tour.

The Charlotte Donut Tour, like all great stories, begins with bitterness. Our buddies Johnathan and Abbi O’Donnell had recently started a donut pop-up called Doughtown Gourmet. The Blackberry Goat had me convinced that Doughtown truly was the G.O.A.T. when it came to Charlotte donuts.  But if they are to unseat a pastry king, whose throne are they about to sit pretty on?

In simpler terms, what’s the best donut shop in Charlotte? We argued for awhile, but in the end decided to put our donuts where our mouth is.

Obviously, it’s impossible to pick a “best” donut. Factors include icing, cake, toppings, price, size, and “I’m literally so sick of donuts right now and hate everything going on in my mouth.” But at the end of the day, we could at least say that our donut opinions were no longer, ugh, full of holes.


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