Tire Discounters donut-stacking world record falls short

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A Tire Discounters store in Knoxville narrowly missed setting a world record for the tallest donut stack in one minute.

Tire Discounters held the donut-stacking community event in partnership with Duck Donuts at its recently opened store in Knoxville’s Cedar Bluff neighborhood on Feb. 20.

General Manager Dave Glovak needed to stack 13 donuts to beat the record of 12 donuts stacked set on March 30, 2018.

“Well, it’s not as easy as it looks,” Mr. Glovak said after five attempts. “As we added the 13th donut, cheers erupted. But it has to stay in place for five seconds and, unfortunately, it only stayed for two seconds, and then the time was up.”

While the record-breaking attempt failed, Tire Discounters did succeed at encouraging visitors at the event to think about the condition of their vehicle “donut,” aka the spare tire.

“We definitely succeeded on having the store filled with people,” Mr. Glovak said. “There was excitement in the air, watching people try their hands at donut stacking.”

The store had about 15 people trying to beat the world record while members of the Tennessee Smokies minor league baseball team served as official scorekeepers.

The store — one of two in the Knoxville area that opened in December — also offered prizes and free vehicle and tire inspections during the event.

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