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Is Pittsburgh Primed for a Doughnut Boom?

I mean, there’s a hipster indie doughnut shop in almost every city across the country, with all kinds of artisanal twists on classic fried dough and lines out the door. Where’s ours?

Portland has Voodoo Doughnut, New Orleans has District Donuts Sliders and Brew, and Austin has Gourdough’s. All of them are not only super popular with locals, but places people plan trips around when visiting these cities. The same cities, by the way, that Pittsburgh is frequently grouped in with when talking about great new things happening in food.

A dozen donuts

So when do we get our hot new doughnut place? A place where doughnuts are the main event and you get a contact sugar high just walking into the shop — if you can get into the shop. 

The good news is there’s going to be more sweet dough in our future.

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