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Learn the important health, allergy, and nutrition information about the donuts you love!
If you have additional questions or concerns, contact us online or call the friendly folks at your local Duck Donuts store.

Caloric Information

Each bare donut contains approximately 210 calories. For more information, view Nutrition Information (PDF) for all our menu items.

Key Ingredients

Our vanilla cake donuts are fried in a soy based shortening and contain the following key ingredients:

  • Wheat and corn flour
  • Soybean oil
  • Nonfat dry milk
  • Egg yolks
  • Beta carotene

Nut Allergy Information

Chopped peanuts are a regular topping offering for our donuts. As such they are located on the topping tables and we cannot guarantee that they have not migrated during the topping process. If we are not extremely busy, we are willing to top a few donuts in our preparation area for you. This will lessen the chance that the peanuts have migrated into other toppings. However we cannot make guarantees to that regard.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee 100% that any ingredients we use are not manufactured in a facility free of tree nuts or any other class of nuts.

Other Food Allergy Information

Our donuts contain wheat gluten, dry milk and egg yolks.