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Where did Duck Donuts gets its name?

Duck Donuts got its name for the family-friendly, charming northern Outer Banks town of Duck, NC.  One of our first stores opened there in 2007.

How many different donut flavors do you have?

Duck Donuts offers endless combinations! Visit the Duck Donuts Menu and start planning your donuts order.

Where can I find out restaurant locations and hours?

Hours vary by location, so check your local store page for details.  Start your search here.

Where can I find out about new Duck Donuts locations opening in my area?

Follow Duck Donuts on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current store openings, Find open and soon-to-come Duck Donuts near you, or check out our News & Events section for upcoming Duck Donuts events near you!

Does Duck Donuts offer delivery?

Yes! We offer delivery via 3rd party partnerships through the Duck Donuts Rewards app or online at

Where can I find nutritional information?

You can find nutritional information about Duck Donuts' products on our Nutrition Information page.

Where can I find allergen information?

Allergen information can found on our Nutrition & Allergy Info page.

Do you offer gluten-free donuts?

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer gluten-free donuts.

Can I order my donuts online?

Do I have to call before ordering?

All of our donuts are made-to-order, so donut worry about calling ahead unless you have a large order (3+ dozen.) Catering orders may also be placed in advance. Contact your local Duck Donuts store if you would like to place an order or discuss Duck Donuts catering options.

Does Duck Donuts cater?

Yes. Want to feed your flock Duck Donuts? Check out our custom "quackages" on our Catering page.

How do I open a Duck Donuts Franchise?

Visit our Franchising Info area for all the information you need to get started as a Duck Donuts franchisee.

I want to work for Duck Donuts. How do I get a job?

Visit our Careers area for jobs available at Duck Donuts stores near you.

What type of fundraisers and donations does Duck Donuts support?

We support our local communities through our Quack Gives Back initiative. Learn more about Quack Gives Back, which is organized directly with your local Duck Donuts store.

Where can I buy gift cards?

Gift cards are available at your local Duck Donuts store.
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