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A Duckzillion Flavors gives you endless combinations to try, but if you need a place to start, try our limited time featured assortment or our signature Duck combinations.


The famous Duck Donut is a freshly-made vanilla cake donut that you coat, top and drizzle as you wish. We make our donuts warm, delicious, and just the way you like them.


Coffee and donuts are a natural combination, and our 100% Arabica bean coffees brew up the perfect cup. We keep the coffee fresh, hot and self-serve all day long so you can fix it to your liking. Or, treat yourself with an order from our Espresso Menu, available at select locations.


Duck Donuts are a welcome treat at any meeting, event or celebration, and our “Quackages” include everything you need to feed a flock. Or, give the gift of donuts to honor a special day, team or group.

Sandwiches &Sundaes

Craving more? Try OBX, our Donut Breakfast Sandwich named after our favorite place and complete with optional fillings, toppings, and drizzles. Or, dig into a Donut Sundae made with premium Breyers® ice cream and coated, topped, and drizzled to your liking.