Duck ChampionsUnite

During the month of September, Duck Donuts will activate a fundraising campaign throughout all locations where customers will have the opportunity to give huggable hope to a child fighting cancer. Duck Donuts has partnered with Gabe’s Chemo Duck Program, a non-profit organization that provides education, comfort and hope through stuffed ducks, medical play and therapeutic tools. The national sponsorship ensures that children undergoing treatment for cancer can have access to their own Chemo Duck, a stuffed yellow duck dressed in blue hospital scrubs with a chemotherapy port, to help them learn what to expect during treatment and have a friend to share the experience.
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Giving back, one donut at a time…

We consider our company to be a family, and encourage each store to invest in the organizations, foundations and people in their own community. The Quack Gives Back program promotes partnering with community groups to raise awareness and funds for their causes. Whether the designated organization is looking for donations, or fundraising opportunities, Quack Gives Back is a vehicle to accomplish this.

Anyone can nominate a specific charity, organization, person or a team that is looking for community support. Customers, who would like to nominate one of the above, should fill out a nomination form at their local store explaining why their nominee is deserving or what donation they are looking for.

“Giving that feels good and tastes great!”