It all started in the Outer Banks of North Carolina…

The idea and name for Duck Donuts originated in Duck, North Carolina, where my family and I vacationed for many years. We enjoyed all there was to see and do in the quiet, family-oriented town, but we noticed there was nowhere to get that sweet staple of happiness—a warm, fresh donut. What started as a whim developed into fun recipe sessions, many months of research and collaboration, and eventually led to the first Duck Donuts opening in the town of Duck, NC in 2007!

We soon found that our warm, fresh and made-to-order donuts paired with a great selection of coffees was a recipe for success! We expanded to other locations and states, and added many franchise owners to our Duck Donuts family. Along the way, we have kept our focus on offering a welcoming, family-friendly and delicious experience to everyone that visits one of our stores. The teams who manage and work in our stores make all the difference, and we are very proud of their dedication and contributions. Many key staff have been with us from the very beginning!

We love to create donuts, and we love to create smiles! Our many fans tell us we are on the right track, and while there may be other donuts out there—we feel we’ve found a pretty special combination.

We’re keeping it simple and delicious! Stop by one of our locations, and try us out. We hope you will agree. This is our family serving your family, and we want you to come back!

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We love adding more Ducks to our flock! Thanks to our fans and family, we're always growing—find one near you today!
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Donut One
Duck Donuts - 2012 4 Stores
2012 - 4 Stores
Donut One Donut Two
Duck Donuts - 2013 12 Stores
2013 - 12 Stores
Donut One Donut Two Donut Three
Duck Donuts - 2014 29 Stores
2014 - 29 Stores
Donut One Donut Two Donut Three Donut Four
Duck Donuts - 2015 45 Stores
2015 - 45 Stores
Donut One Donut Two Donut Three Donut Four Donut Five
Duck Donuts - 2016 135 Stores
2016 - 135 Stores
Donut One Donut Two Donut Three Donut Four Donut Five Donut Six Donut Seven
Duck Donuts - 2017 167 Stores
2017 - 167 Stores
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