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The Best First Date Spots in Charlotte, NC

First dates are literal icebreakers, in my experience anyway. You want to get to know someone better, and what better way than to do it over snacks? Snacks are the key to romance, people! Here are the best first date spots in Charlotte, NC.

1. Duck Donuts 
This is where my boyfriend and I went on our “first date.” Yes, it was awkward and we really didn’t know each other yet. But the conversation really opened up when we got a dozen of these bad boys. You can mix and match flavors at Duck Donuts, as well as try the ones they have on special. Go for the maple bacon with heaps of bacon on top, reveal your inner Ron Swanson, and let the sparks fly.

2. Brakeman’s Coffee & Supply
Maybe getting food is not your speed just yet—you’re concerned about stuff in your teeth. If the person you’re with actually likes the place you’re going to, or y’all just really enjoy coffee. Located in Matthews, this coffee shop is in a quaint little house on the main stretch of town. Literally something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, just saying. Plus how can you beat phenomenal lattes and Panthers inspired sodas?