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Duck Donuts Named Best Donut in Washington

A doughnut is a doughnut is a doughnut, right?

Not quite.

Although the sweet, fluffy rounds are usually made with the same base of ingredients, bakers lend their own finesse to the treat. Frying time, temperature, and toppings also play a role. And it’s important that those pillowy rounds of fried dough aren’t overly sweet!

To find the top one in Washington, we enlisted a baker’s dozen of Washington Post staffers to sample 24 different varieties — and it wasn’t long before they all requested naps.

We rated classic glaze, chocolate glaze, and “wild card” flavors from several of the area’s most notable doughnut shops, judging them on flavor, texture, and appearance. We then ranked them based on the shop’s total score. A few notes: If a shop lacked a chocolate-glaze option, we bought the closest thing. We focused on shops specializing in doughnuts, so those with only one or two on the menu didn’t qualify.

Below, behold our sugar-fueled findings, starting with sixth place.

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