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You Need To Try These Charlotte Donut Shops

Whether you’re into traditional glazed or some weird strawberry-lemonade flavor with powdered sugar and sprinkles, one thing will forever be true. Everyone loves a good donut. While Carolina-founded favorite Krispy Kreme and American giant Dunkin Donuts tend to control the donut industry, local shops are giving these little doughy circles of heaven unheard-of potential. Luckily for us, our Queen City is home to some of the tastiest donuts shops around, here are five of our favorites!

Charlotte is home to the fastest growing donut shop in the country in Duck Donuts. The fresh donuts were originated at the Outer Banks in Duck, North Carolina and has since spread. Duck starts with a cakey base and tops that with some of the most unique flavor combinations you’ll find. Maple icing with bacon on top, peanut butter icing with raspberry drizzle, cinnamon sugar with vanilla drizzle. You’ll leave satisfied.

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