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Simplistic Charm is Trending among Brides to be

There’s the wedding planning and then the memories, with the evening itself often becoming a blur of hugs and cake and aching feet.

Maybe that explains the recent trend of more simple, rustic elements dominating the bridal universe.

Naked cakes have supplanted the perfect veil of fondant. Eucalyptus, its scent said to resolve conflicts, has overcome carnations on the floral bough. Food is served on wooden platters with rough bark rims instead of shiny chafing dishes. And photographers are more interested in capturing natural light on a relaxed expression than a statuesque, flawless portrait.

“The minimalist style is coming back, so it’s very simple,” said Eastburke Wedding Planning Service owner Laura Fortner at last weekend’s Ultimate Bridal Showcase, held at the Cape Fear Botanical Garden. “No tall centerpieces, a lot of greenery, a lot of whites — the classic bride is coming back and outdoor weddings are on the rise.”


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